The Most Common Merchant Questions

How does Real Time Debit work?

Real Time Debit is a secure payment gateway option integrated into your website checkout shopping cart that allows your customer to complete their purchase online in seconds using their own online bank service.

Are my customers financial details secure?

Yes! Your customers details are not stored anywhere, and they are not shared with you as the merchant or anyone else except their own bank. The transaction is completed behind the secure walls of your customers online bank service.

How long does it take to make a payment with Real Time Debit?

The payment process takes about the same amount of time as a credit card transaction. Additionally, the Merchant will receive notification of the approved transaction within seconds and the funds will be in your account quickly.

What do my customers need to make a payment with Real Time Debit?

They will need to have online banking activated for their bank account, and they will need to know their online banking credentials to login (their username and password). Additionally, depending on the security that their bank uses, they may also need their mobile phone to complete the transaction.

What if my customers bank account does not have enough money in it to cover the transaction?

This is a real-time bank payment – their transaction will fail if they do not have the funds currently available to complete the transaction.

Do my customers need to open an account with Real Time Debit?

No, they do not need to open an account with Real Time Debit! This means no complicated registration process before they can complete their purchase, and no new passwords to remember.

When will I know the payment process is complete?

You, as the merchant will receive confirmation of the payment in seconds.

The transaction failed – my customer doesn’t have the funds in their account, what do I do?

Do not approve their transaction. If the funds are placed in your customers account within 48 hours, the transaction will proceed.

Which Financial Institutions are available today?

Visit our Availability Page to see a list of Financial Institutions that are available with Real Time Debit.

Which countries is this available in today?

Visit our Availability Page to see a list of countries where Real Time Debit is available.

Will other countries and financial institutions be available in the future?

Yes, more than 40 additional US banks will come online in 2018 and any bank can be added simply contact for more information.